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Support for Children and Carers 

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"HAND AND SKY: Magical Journeys"


In 2019 we are delighted to be supported jointly by:  

The National Lottery "Community Fund" and 

The Cripplegate Foundation "Community Chest Fund".


We continue our work in two North London Schools:

Swiss Cottage School and Richard Cloudesley School and now offer additional sessions for more pupils and Staff.

Both Schools are Research Centers of excellence in the Care and Education of children with Special Needs.



*Individual weekly sessions with children with PMLD and/or Autism

together with training for their Learning Assistants in: 

Therapeutic Touch, Voice-work, Facilitated Movement and Story-Telling

*A Cultural Event with Music for participating Children, Staff and Parents from both schools at the end of the Project.



Tunings Program  

Suitable for children on the Autistic Spectrum and/or with motor issues with optional training for Staff and Parents. For Early Year and Primary Age.

The program aims to draw a child’s interest through their whole body’s involvement, into spontaneous play and communication in weekly individual sessions:

1. It works with the small responses in a child’s breath, muscle tone and posture through the use of Therapeutic Touch to calm and stabilize a child.

2. It uses Sound-making and Music as a predictable pattern in which a child can feel more confident and in time can extend their interest into shared improvisations with the practitioner.

3. There are tactile objects, colored fabric and small musical instruments available for the child to use in any way they wish.

4. The program also values moments of quietness, stillness and pause in which a child can integrate their experience and self-regulate.

5. Relationship is valued as central to a child’s sense of security. It is allowed to grow in its own way.


Touch Interaction Learning Trust (T-I-L-T)

Suitable for children with PMLD and Complex Medical Conditions, with optional training for Staff and Parents. From Early Year to Young Adult.

1. The program aims to work with the small responses in a child’s breath and muscle tone through the use of Therapeutic Touch.

2. The aim is to nurture a feeling of interest and connection in a Child in which they can participate by first easing discomfort, anxiety and pain.

3. To then gradually introduce Sound-making, Movement and Story-Telling.

4. Space is given to pass on simple techniques of Therapeutic Touch to LSAs where this can make a difference to the day to day connections and ongoing relationship they are able to make with a child under their care.

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PILOT PROGRAM 2018: "Awards for All" Grant funded through the National Lottery.    

Richard Cloudesley School, Islington: April 2018-December 2018 

Swiss Cottage School, Camden: April 2018-December 2018

(With the Cultural Event hosted at Swiss Cottage School 5th Dec 2018)

Schools and Children's Centers that have participated in the Programs as they have developed

*Tyssen School, Autistic Resource Provision, Hackney: 2015-2017

*Christopher Place Specialist Children’s Center, Euston: 2012-2014

*Millfields Community School, Autistic Resource Base, Hackney: 2006-2009

*Side by Side Integrated Nursery and Primary School, Hackney: 2004-on-going